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Graduation self-portrait service is a unique and innovative way to capture the essence of your academic achievements. With our self-portrait service, you will have the opportunity to take your own graduation photos, in the comfort of your own space, using our AI Self-portrait System. Our graduation portrait service with a range of customizable options, including background selection, prop usage, graduation gown, and image processing. Let Moneta Foto create a lasting memory of this special moment in your life.

Makeup & Hair

(30 Mins)

AI Retouched Photo

( 6 )

1 Print + All Digital Copy

Package Content

  • 30 Mins shooting time

  • 1 Person

  • 1 Background color (Various colors are available)

  • Provide makeup & hair service

  • 6 Fine retouched photo

  • 1 4x6" Print

  • All digital copy

  • Same day pick-up


Photography Service

  • AI smart studio shooting

  • Using Canon Professional Photography Equipment

  • Professional studio lighting set-up


Image Processing

  • Using intelligent AI image editing, the algorithm is fast and efficient for image refinement


[Makeup & Hair]:
Female: $60/person  Male: $30/person


[Additional Retouched Photo]:
AI Retouched Photo $5/photo ( Same Day Pick-up )
Non-AI Retouched Photo $15/photo ( 2-3 days For Delivery )


[Additional Shooting time]:

Each Shooting has a time limit. If a client wants to add time, then additional 30 mins will be charged half of the package price.

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